“My favourite subject is science. I love science!”

Devendra (aged 14) and his parents immigrated several years ago to mountainous Solukhumbu from their native Terai, the flat borderlands of Nepal nearest to India.

Devendra is a bright and optimistic young man who loves learning and the opportunities it will bring. His dream is to become a helicopter pilot: “I want to fly in the sky! And being in the boarding house, supported by my teachers, means that I can work hard and get good results and achieve my dream.

One of the reasons why Devendra wants to become a helicopter pilot is because helicopters are the only vital link for many very mountain communities. When someone is very ill or injured, often a helicopter is the difference between life and death.

Another key feature of the boarding experience that appeals to Devendra is the chance to improve his English which is a key component for success in modern Nepal. Private school students, many of whom board, are taught in English whereas state school students like Devendra are still taught in Nepali. Devendra says that this puts state school students at a real disadvantage. But by staying at a boarding house supported by Stay At School, Devendra benefits from extra English lessons, has the chance to talk with visiting English-speaking interns, and best of all, one night per week, the boarders get to watch science programmes on Discovery Channel!

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