Our growing internship programme enables interested people, young and old, to engage with our work, building an understanding, practically and profoundly, of the challenge of development and the need to build a more equitable world for all.

Stay At School interns work directly within our partner schools in Nepal and also provide valuable work researching, analysing and monitoring Stay At School projects and programmes thus gaining a better insight into the challenges we are working to meet.

Interns are encouraged to work with us to develop a project brief to meet both their own objectives and support the delivery of our project and programme outcomes. By immersing themselves in the local community and building strong links with the school and students, they can offer important feedback to help guide the ongoing development of our charitable activities.

It’s not just about school work.

Stay At School interns have supported the development of new systems and operations within our boarding houses, auditing existing facilities to determine what routines work well and how our operations can be refined to deliver an even better service to students. They have helped to broaden our ‘Whole Me’ programme, using their own skills and expertise to introduce sports activities and team games, building confidence and encouraging students to practice their spoken English.

For more information about our Stay At School Internship Programme, please contact us at info@stayatschool.org

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