Children drop out of school because it is too far to walk each day. We help communities to build boarding houses at schools so that children can spend less time walking and more time learning.

Stay At School builds and supports boarding houses at schools in remote, marginalised communities in Nepal, enabling children to access and maintain the education that is key to their future and the development of their communities.

In the poorest mountain regions, most children start school but more than three quarters do not complete their education. The drop-out or failure rate is high because Nepali children face huge challenges in getting to school and staying at school. Many spend up to 4 hours walking to and from school each day. Others are kept at home to help with household chores and miss out entirely on the opportunities an education brings.

No better place to live?

Children who do continue their education are often forced to live in temporary accommodation, miles away from their family and home, so that they can be nearer their school. The conditions are poor, with children as young as 12 living in single rooms and having to cook for themselves on an open fire. Parents are concerned about their safety, particularly young girls who can face a threat from child traffickers.

We build inspiring boarding houses

By helping local communities to build accommodation at or near schools, children can spend more time learning and less time walking. We help schools to build inspiring boarding houses where children can grow and learn in a happy, safe and secure environment.

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