Stay At School helps to build and operate boarding houses at mountain schools, creating educational hubs for communities. With our help, children stay at school longer, improving their prospects to achieve a happy, fulfilled and prosperous life.

In the mountains of Nepal many children have to walk long distances to school. These children are often the first to drop out of education and even those who do continue, miss out on valuable hours that could be spent learning and being with friends. By helping local communities to build accommodation at or near secondary schools, children can spend more time learning and less time walking. We help schools to build inspiring boarding houses where children can grow and learn in a happy, safe and secure environment.

We work to understand all the local barriers to school attendance and attainment through our Community Action programme, while our work through the ‘Whole Me’ ensures that the overall environment for learning is good. Our scholarship and mentoring activities ensure that educational gains at secondary level have the best chance of translating into success in higher education and the modern working world. We are very proud of our many great graduates who have gone on to lead exciting and rewarding lives, contributing to the prosperity of their local community and beyond.

Our projects

Boarding houses

Stay At School helps local communities to build and operate boarding houses so that students who live far from school are able to have a safe roof over their head, warm meals each day and a learning environment where, along with their fellow students, they can spend more time learning and less time walking.

Our programmes

Community Action
The whole me
Scholarships & mentoring
Women leaders

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