Stay At School wants to encourage students of all ages to increase their understanding of the world we live in and develop their sense of responsibility for themselves, their own communities and those in the world most affected by inequality and lack of opportunity.

Our Schools Partnership Programme connects schools here in the UK with the schools and communities we work with in Nepal. Connections are established to meet the aims of each partner over an agreed period of time, ensuring commitments are achievable and outcomes are sustainable. There are no direct costs involved with becoming a partner school and all fundraising targets are developed realistically and with a level of commitment that is appropriate to schools and their pupils.

We believe that our School Partnerships offer significant benefits to all students. For the students in Nepal, there are the obvious benefits of improved access to an education with the opportunity to study in a safe and secure environment. For students in the UK, a partnership allows them to see, often for the first time, into the lives of children living in remote and marginalised communities, and to witness the impact it is possible to have with practical and thoughtful input.

For more information on how to partner with a school community in Nepal, please contact us at

How it works

UK schools can opt to partner with a school community in Nepal in the following ways:

  • Build – build a new boarding house to support educational outcomes in a community identified by Stay At School as requiring help. (approx. £15-25,000)
  • Maintain – take on the running costs of an existing boarding house. Services provided include all heating and food bills and the costs of providing a member of staff to cook for students and maintain their accommodation. (approx. £7-10,000)
  • Support – contribute towards the costs of running an existing boarding house or education project. For example, support the costs of providing a teacher to deliver additional coaching to students in need prior to their secondary examinations. (approx. £3-5,000)

Benefits to schools and students include:

  • Regular updates from our projects in Nepal. Where partners are supporting specific schools and boarding houses, direct updates on progress are given.
  • Case studies, interviews and research material.
  • Opportunities to visit and contribute to projects in Nepal. We operate Gap Year and Volunteer Programmes for interested students.

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