We work with isolated mountain communities in eastern Nepal to help make education better so that children stay at school longer and achieve the best possible results.

Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world with an average per capita GDP of less than $800 US per year. Stay At School is a registered UK charity and works through its implementing local partner Stay At School Nepal. We work in the Solukhumbu region of eastern Nepal. Far from the more affluent regions visited by tourists and trekkers, villages in this isolated mountain area survive mainly on subsistence agriculture. It is very poor and opportunities for young people are limited. School drop-out rates are as high as 75% in some areas.

We work with schools and local communities to find solutions to improve schools so that children have a chance to lead a more enriched and fulfilling life. Only through better education will these children, their families and communities break the vicious cycle of rural poverty. When children succeed in school, they succeed in life, and the whole community benefits.

Our approach is simple and effective.

  • We identify communities where children face immense challenges in getting to school.
  • We provide safe, secure accommodation at schools.
  • We deliver sustainable solutions to local communities.
  • We create opportunity and build ambition.

If children can spend less time walking and more time learning; if their engagement with schoolwork can be improved and they can access greater support from their teachers; and, if they have a safe place to sleep and are provided with regular meals, their ability to gain and use an education will afford them a brighter future.

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