Sonam's story is proof of the positive impact of our investments in education - changing lives and offering a brighter future.

“I was 14 when I finished my high school education at Junbesi Secondary School and moved to Kathmandu for further studies. Being raised in a tiny village, life in the capital city was completely new to me. Although it was quite tough to adjust to life in a new place, with new friends and a new college, I was excited to experience all of the changes and challenges that awaited me.

“Since I was a young girl I always dreamt of becoming a medical professional and I was determined to achieve my goal. After completing my +2 (A-level) exams in science, majoring in biology, the next big step towards my dream was the decision to take a Bachelor’s degree in nursing. However, my parents could not afford to pay all of the costs, like college fees, accommodation and stationery. At that point I was lucky enough to receive a scholarship from Stay At School, which was a huge support for me as it covered almost 20% of my course fees over the four years of my nursing studies.

“Today I’m a registered nurse, working in the ICU at one of Nepal’s most reputable hospitals. Stay At School has played an enormous role in helping me to realise my dream. My immense thanks to Stay At School founder, Mr Peter Chittick and Stay At School Nepal executive director, Mr Gele Rapke, for being the biggest cheerleaders on my educational journey and for championing so many other students from the Himalayan regions.

“In the future I hope to complete my Master’s degree abroad. Although I may be physically distanced from my village or Nepal, I remain committed to improving education in my country by being part of Stay At School Nepal.”

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